Practice Philosophy

Deborah St.Clair MD wants to be able to see all patients regardless of insurance. In practice this is a difficult position. We must ask everyone to pay. That being said we take care of emergencies. We see and treat all patients referred by the Dyersburg Regional Medical Center when we are on call and we do not attempt to screen out Medicare and Medicaid patients by any means. If in doubt call us and we'll do what we can to give you world class care.

Doctor St.Clair trained at Vanderbilt University after graduating from the University of Louisville Medical school in 1976. She has practiced in Union City and Dyersburg most of her long career and has gathered much experience in the sort of problems that occur in rural West Tennessee. While much of what she sees is related to chronic pain, the office is not a pain clinic in the sense that we do not write narcotics for chronic pain. Orthopedists are in the group that can most easily be licensed as pain physicians. The reason Dr. St.Clair does not write narotics for chronic pain is because this approach works poorly and creates more addiction problems than it solves. She generally uses a combination of injections and non-narcotic medications for pain. By all means give this an open minded chance before going to a pain clinic.